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Annie Cahoon, Principal

225 Shearwater Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065


Phone: 650-802-8060
Email: acahoon@brssd.org

     Absences: Please call 650-802-8060 or email CKlups@brssd.org  

School Supplies

Notice: All California students are entitled to a free education, including associated materials, supplies, and equipment. The following supplies list is offered as a request and suggestion only for those parents who wish to purchase materials, supplies and equipment in support of their child, his or her classroom(s), or the school. Any purchase you make will reduce the financial impact upon our school, but we want to emphasize that your purchase of such items is completely voluntary. Your child will have access to appropriate materials, supplies, and equipment regardless of whether you purchase and/or supply such items.


You may use the services of Skoolfairy for purchasing school supplies for Redwood Shores Elementary. See more details below. Alternatively you may purchase the supplies yourself and bring them to school on or before the first day of school - see the School Supplies List per Grade (T-K thru Grade 5).


Skoolfairy offers a way for parents to avoid the hustle and bustle of preparing for the 1st day of school by preparing your child's supply bag and delivering it to their classroom before the first day of school. Skoolfairy has the added benefit of donating five percent (5%) of the sales back to our school.

Seal Bucks

Enrollment for 2016-2017 School Year

Enrollment Timeline, Visitation, and FAQ information for the 2016-2017 school year are now available online. You can view the documents by clicking the links below

Classroom Birthday Celebration Guidelines

1) No candy, soda or juice in class. This means no candy, soda or juice offered in class by teachers, by other students, or by parents.

2) Limiting sweet treats to once a month. We encourage educationally-appropriate celebrations of all kinds. If they include food, we would like these events to feature healthy food choices. Therefore, a maximum of only one item at one celebration a month may be in a desert/sugary category (fresh fruit is a great alternative!). Please remember that any foods containing trans fats can not be served or sold on any school campus per Ed Code.

3) If a child has a serious allergy to a food, that food should not be served in that student’s class that year. Children with potentially life-threatening allergies cannot be endangered by, or excluded from, shared classroom activities


Instead of food to celebrate your child’s special day, please consider non-food items such as a personalized gift to the classroom or school in the student’s name. Please see the letter from Principal Bob Sherman and a flyer with additional information.

Upcoming Events

  • Transitional Kindergarten Orientation: Tuesday 8/23 12-1pm, TK families only with Mrs. Dos Remedios 
  • First Grade Families Meet and Greet: Tuesday 8/23 2:30-3pm, 1st grade families 
  • Kindergarten Orientation: Tuesday 8/23 1-2pm, for Kindergarten families only with Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Bianchi, and Ms. Moskaluk
  • First Day of School: Wednesday 8/24 8:25am start for Grades 1 to 5, 8:40am start for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten
  • Back to School Night: Wednesday 9/7, 7pm


  • Beginning 2016-17, the District will no longer offer "emergency lunches."  Parents wishing to order meals must do so online at www.choicelunch.com by 9:00 am the day before the meal is served (4 days prior for field trips).  If you do not order by the deadline, please be sure to send a lunch to school with your child.  If you order lunch, please remind your child to pick it up.
  • Lunch program information is available on the District’s website at www.brssd.org/Lunch_Program.  This includes ordering information and applications for the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program.
  • Students who qualified for free or reduced-price meals last year must re-apply by September 16 to continue to qualify for the rest of the year.

Earlier this spring, our Board of Trustees authorized a new volunteer clearance process, which will improve student safety, reduce volunteer paperwork, and keep our practices in line with other neighboring districts, including the Sequoia Union High School District.  Importantly, volunteers who may be unsupervised with students (field trip chaperones, afterschool tutoring and clubs, playground supervision, book fair, etc.) will be required to have fingerprint clearance through the California Department of Justice and the FBI.  Fortunately, volunteers will only need to go through the clearance process once for their entire stay in our school district! 


Thanks to the partnership of our seven school PTAs, all volunteers who go through the fingerprint process by September 30, 2016, will do so at the District's expense.  You can complete the volunteer form online, and if you choose to be cleared for volunteer roles that require fingerprinting, you can print the necessary Live Scan fingerprint form and take it to a designated local vendor during business hours (Mon-Sat). 


Thank you for participating in this new process.  We're excited that this new approach will enhance student safety while doing away with annual volunteer clearance processes. 


Please do not procrastinate.  Starting with the 2016-17 school year, all volunteers must complete this process before they are allowed to volunteer.  To begin the clearance process, please go to the District's volunteer webpage.    


Please send questions to me or the Educational Services Department at edservices@brssd.org


Sign up for RWS Elementary Newsletter

Please go to our Newsletter page for information on how to sign up for our Catch of the Week Newsletter

Bell Schedule

Kindergarten/T-Kindergarten: Monday - Friday:  8:40am - 12:45pm

Grades 1 - 3: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri:  8:25am - 2:35pm,          Wednesdays:  8:25am - 12:20pm

Grades 4 - 5: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri:  8:25am - 3pm,        Wednesdays:  8:25am - 12:20pm

School Events Calendar

Today: 8/28/16


  • All volunteers and guests must sign-in at the office and pick-up a volunteer badge.
  • If your child has forgotten their homework, snack or lunch, please bring these items to the office. Please do not go directly to the classroom.